On Your Side Alert: Bogus AT&T Discount Calls

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There is a warning for AT&T customers. Crooks are calling, directing people to a phony website claiming to be with the company. The fraudsters tell you that you're eligible for a one-thousand dollar discount.

Alert viewers emailed NBC12 after receiving calls and voicemails claiming they could get their hands on the money. Red flags immediately went up for one viewer because they use Verizon.

That bogus message, directs people to Attdiscount1000.com. We checked for you -- and some search engines have already removed the site and reported it as a phishing scam.

There is no money and the crooks are after your login information. ATT&T is aware of this scam. It has an alert, along with safety tips on its website. The company says crooks have also created similar websites using different dollar amounts.

AT&T says your best protection; don't click or open links in emails or text message. Also, the company says don't respond to the phone calls.

Before you respond to any offer, always contact the company to make sure it's legitimate.  You can also report fraudulent calls or emails to abuse@att.net. If you get  a suspicious text, forward it to 7726.

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