Crooks target Google Accounts with fake sign-in page

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Cyber experts are warning about  a new scam created to steal your Gmail information. Even the professionals say this one is hard to catch. This new deception, comes in the form of an email with the subject "Documents."

Kevin Boynton, with The Computer Doctor of Richmond says it's the latest phishing scam that attempts to steal your login information. "You will get an email from that looks like it is from the Google team, saying that there is a Google Docs you need to access," he explains.

If you click a link in the email, you will see the login page. Boynton says you should not log in - if you do, crooks will steal your information. "They have the keys to your Google Kingdom which can lead to lots of issues. If it's just your email, think about it, if you've got your bank account information going into your email, they may not be able to get into your bank, but they may be able to figure out who you bank with and send you other phishing scams," Boynton says.

This scam is so difficult to detect because nothing will happen immediately and you will be taken to an actual Google page that the crooks have created. There are some ways to protect yourself. The number one way, don't click links in emails -- even if it's from a company you recognize. It's better to go directly to the site in question. "Google, when they discover it, they will shut it down but these bad guys will just turn around and start another one and it is very easy for them to do," Boynton says.

If you have fallen victim or think you have, you should immediately change your password; make sure it's not similar to old your old one. If crooks get their hands your information, they could use it to fool you into even more deceptions. "It is not somebody in Nigeria telling you that you have won the Nigerian Lottery. They are very good at catching people off guard," Boynton says.  If you see a suspicious email, remember you can report it to Google.

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