Richmond's new parking boot program booming

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Over a thousand drivers in Richmond found out the hard way this year what happens when you don't pay your parking tickets. The city booted 1,304 vehicles during the first 9 months of the new program.

The city has a roving vehicle that uses new technology to read license plates. The program flags vehicles with three or more outstanding tickets, then city workers put a boot on those vehicles.

From last April through the end of the year, the city put a leash on more than a thousand vehicles. It recouped more than $428,000 in outstanding parking violations.

"That's revenue that the city could use," said Richmond Department of Public Works spokesperson Sharon North. "Nowadays, everybody is pinching pennies, even the people who are getting the tickets, but you still have to pay them."

So which months were the most lucrative for the city? More cars were booted in September and October than any other month. Seems people got lazy paying their tickets over the summer.

As of the end of the year, there were still more than 2,461 vehicles with three or more tickets. That's a value of nearly $800,000 in lost revenue for the city.

If your car is booted, you'll pay an extra $60 on top of the cost of the tickets.