Help for Good Samaritan who lost legs

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One man who preformed a good deed, is getting some much needed help after losing his legs following an accident in Chesterfield. It happened on Midlothian Turnpike after a snowstorm.  Brad Hughes stopped on the side of the road to help a police officer and he was hit by another car. So far, thousands of dollars have been raised to help Hughes. We have an update on his condition.

A "White House.Gov " Petition is live right now ---  and the goal is to award the victim in the Norfolk Navy Base shooting, with a medal of honor. Master-at-Arms Second Class, Mark Mayo, was killed when a civilian driver gained access to the base, last week.  Navy leaders say he died heroically, jumping between the shooter and a Petty Officer.

Also, Breaking overnight, three more people have died in Chile after a massive 8.2 earthquake rocks the country. We have the latest information from our Breaking News Center.

Plus, three more bodies are found in the mud and debris in Washington State--and rescue crews are having a hard time looking for victims. A Tsunami warning is in effect for Chile--and several other South American countries but the risk for a Tsunami has been downgraded in Hawaii.

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