Suspicious mailing offering free flights not fraudulent

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many of you called and emailed us about an offer showing up in the mail. It claims you can get your hands on two round-trip airline tickets. To top if off, you're told you can also receive two nights at a deluxe hotel. We took your concerns to the postal inspector to get some answers.

It's an enticing offer, two round trip tickets anywhere in the U.S. and two nights in a fancy hotel. Many of you wanted to know was it legit and whether to call that number listed in the offer. Postal Inspector, Michael Romano investigated and dialed. "It's not a foreign-type scam offer, but ultimately the offer is to attract the individual into some sort of 'travel agency'-type offer," he says.

Inspector Romano says you have to read the mailing carefully. It doesn't really tell you've won anything. The senders use phrases like, "you have qualified for an award" or "final notice." They also use similar names of reputable companies to hook you in. "It is legal. They are not using anybody else's trademark or anything like that. There is a check but it clearly says non negotiable," Romano explains.

If you get one of the offers, Inspector Romano says it's really up to you if you want to respond. If you do call the number, he says be careful about the information you give out, because it could lead to you getting similar offers. "If they have got some sort of product that falls within their terms and regulations, then it wouldn't be considered failure to render the merchandise and ultimately it's not something we would consider fraudulent," Romano says.

Inspector Romano says if you get a similar offer, Google the company to see what you find out. He also advises you check with the Better Bureau before responding.

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