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Police team with builders to fight construction theft

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Thieves continue to plague construction sites in Chesterfield County, taking everything from equipment to supplies. Now, police hope teaming up with local builders may help fight back against the criminals.

Police say new home construction is vulnerable, because the houses are so open. In the beginning, there are no doors or windows to lock up, and it creates an opportunity for criminals. With an increase in construction across the county, there is also an increase in opportunity to commit those crimes.

Police have dozens of reports, criminals taking everything from air conditioning units to shingles, sheet rock, and appliances. 

"Anything that's not attached to the building," said Cpl. Scott Gordon, who works in crime prevention for the Chesterfield Police Department. 

Even bigger items like generators and air conditioner systems are getting taken.

"Contractors leave their tools like saws and their hammers and whatever on site," explained Gordon. "They're taking those too, and maybe even type of wheeled vehicle, like a front end loader or things like that have been taken and removed from job sites."

By holding a meeting with builders, police hope to team up and share ideas about what may curb the problem. 

"We have to work together to make this stop," said Gordon. 

Police say this isn't just happening in one part of the county. It's happening everywhere, and they think a big reason for that is the rise in home construction.

If you're a builder and you'd like to participate in the meeting, it is scheduled for noon on Wednesday. The address is 2730 Hicks Road. 

Those interested in participating do need to call first: 804-706-2662.

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