Education Editorial: March Madness

Education Editorial: March Madness

March Madness is upon us! The season has been long, but for the strongest it is a "new season" where each time out is a victory or a long bus ride home.

People enjoy winners, and they flock to the discount stores for the shirts of their favorite teams whether or not they have ever had any affiliation with them. In March Madness there are characteristics that distinguish those who are winners and losers from those who are special.

My wife recently commented to a college football coach, "remember that you are training young men, not just athletes". His answer was "wow" …and he is one of the special ones…despite his record.

Virginia is fortunate to have two truly special college basketball coaches in the spotlight that illuminates March Madness. Coach Bennett, Coach Smart, and their young men are true examples of more than skills within the bounds of the court. They represent the values that so often escape those who find themselves in the aura of success.

While both teams play intense defenses, when did you last see these young people or their coaches "lose it"? Oh, there has been much national discussion about the frequency or infrequency of technical fouls because of language or abuse. These teams are intense; however, they seem to have learned to control themselves.

Coach Bennett's five pillars are: humility, passion, unity, servant hood, and thankfulness. After winning the ACC championship, he reminded his team not to be put on a pedestal…but to remember and live by the five pillars. If coaches Bennett and Smart never win another basketball game, they have established themselves as champions…they have taught young men how to win the game of life.

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