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VCU students question funds going toward new basketball practice facility


While the Rams gear up to play on Friday, VCU students are responding to the university's plan to build a brand new facility for the team.

Earlier this month, VCU announced that plans to build a new basketball practice facility comes with a $25 million price tag. About one-third of that money will come from student fees.

Students already pay fees to VCU that the university then uses for sports facilities, student commons and other things and tuition will not be affected.

Still, some say, VCU has bigger concerns than a new practice facility.

The new facility will be built on the North side of Marshall Street across from the Siegel Center. The new facility will house two practice courts, training rooms and even a dining hall for players.

Only the men's and women's basketball players will use the facility.

This week the Commonwealth Times printed an editorial by an author who says, "To me, that seems like $25 million too much. Money like that can go to more demanding causes at the school."

NBC12 asked students what they think about that much money going into a place that so few can use.

"Our boys are great so they will make up for it somewhere," said one student.

"There are so many other improvements that I see day to day that needs to happen," said another.

A VCU spokeswoman sent us the following statement:

"VCU is a very large university with many dimensions that add to the student experience. A lot of our students take pride in the success of VCU's athletics programs, including men's and women's basketball, and in our facilities. We are sensing great excitement about the new basketball practice facility, particularly since it will not require any additional fees from students to build."

Construction on the facility is supposed to start this Spring.

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