Prosecutors drop charge against siblings in Kevin Quick case

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Prosecutors decided not to pursue a charge linking two siblings to the case of a murdered Waynesboro police captain.

Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton were accused of taking off in Captain Kevin Quick's stolen car.

Prosecutors can still bring the charge back. According to legal analysts, the charge could come in the form of a direct indictment by a grand jury. In the meantime, the brother and sister face a number of other violent charges stemming from an attempted armed robbery.

Family and friends say they don't believe siblings Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton are connected to the disappearance of murdered police Captain Kevin Quick.

Thy were glad to hear the charge accusing the brother and sister of taking off in the captain's stolen car after an attempted armed robbery will not be pursued, for now.

"Those charges can be renewed at any moment," said Louisa Commonwealth Attorney Rusty McGuire. "We just chose not put on any evidence today in regards to these charges."

The pair faces other charges from this alleged attack. It happened at a Louisa home in February. The prime witness, Eric Chaplain, told the court Mathis came into the home with two other men and later pulled out a gun demanding money.

Chaplain says Mersadies came out of the car while he was being attacked and hit him in the head with a gun. Before taking off, Chaplain says Mathis shot his son. Prosecutors had said that getaway car belonged to Quick.

Family and friends of the siblings say these are not the people they know.

"It's 'yes sir,' 'no sir,' 'what can I do to help sir.' Hearts of gold," said step grandfather Danny Trobough.

While the connection to the Quick case has been put to the side, investigators say Tuesday went as they hoped.

"The outcome is what we had hopes for in these hearings," said Chief Deputy Donnie Lowe. "You got to let justice take its course."

A third sibling, Shantai Shelton, was also in court for an unrelated case involving the alleged poisoning and theft from a victim. Previously, prosecutors had said she was going to be taken out of state in Captain Quick's stolen car, but she has never been formally charged in connection to this case.

Prosecutors also decided not to pursue three misdemeanor charges against Mathis in connection to the attempted armed robbery.

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