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Caroline County hit with heavy snow

It may be hard to believe, but Spring is now just days away. This is especially hard to swallow in Caroline County where neighbors are cleaning some five inches of snow.

If you're in the Richmond metro and you're annoyed by the snow, try visiting Caroline County where folks are dealing with some five inches overnight and it continued to fall down Monday.

"No school today, no school today. We'll have to try again Tuesday," a Caroline County principal sang in a creative video to alert students.

Mother nature painted the town of Bowling Green a sheet of white.

"I don't like it. I don't like it at all," said Rhonda Richardson of Courthouse Café.

At the restaurant, it's just as quiet inside as it is outside. The snow kept many folks at home.

"It was slower this morning. We didn't have some of the folks who we usually have in the morning," Richardson said.

Most neighbors spent their day shoveling and hoping for warmer weather.

"I'm ready for the summer how's that? I'm sick of this," said Bill Wright.

Others like Jim Morris are trying to be optimistic. He has to work rain, shine, or snow.

"If the line goes out, I'm the one that fixes it. If you need a new jack put in, I'm the one that installs the new jack…It makes it harder for us to access our customers when they're out of service…You can't get to their property. A lot of people live in the country here. It's very rural," he said.

For those who want the snow to go away you might have to be patient.  It could take some time for it to all melt away.

April 18th was supposed to be an early release day in Caroline but the system has to make up time from all of the recent snow days so students will now attend classes all day on the Friday before Easter.

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