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Neighborhood Health Watch: Mumps


A recent outbreak of mumps on a college campus in New York raised fears about a resurgence in the disease.

Mumps has been largely eradicated in the United States because of the discovery of an effective vaccine.

But many families have made the decision to not vaccinate their children for any number of illnesses because they are fearful of the risk associated with the vaccines.

Dr. Sarah Gaffney runs the pharmacy at both Johnston Willis and Chippenham Hospital. She believes it is important for parents to understand what vaccines their children are getting. However, they should be aware most of them are very safe.

"There is all kinds of resources out there is a resource that has all kinds of resources for parents if they have concerns. Generally- for long term health it is better to get the vaccine than to not? Every single bit of scientific evidence that we have shows that vaccines are very safe and they are very effective. "

According to Dr. Gaffney- the biggest vaccine related concern is the connection to autism. But the one study on that topic has been roundly rejected. The author admitted to falsifying some of his data.

The best thing to do if you have questions about a vaccine is to ask your doctor.

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