Supermarkets offering sweet deals for store-brand products

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Store brands are everywhere, and many have been reformulated to compete with the name-brand alternatives. Supermarkets want you to make the switch and are offering some deals that make it really cheap to do so.

"Not only will you discover the quality, but you'll also discover the savings that come along with it as well," said Martin's Marketing Manager Serena Corrigan.

The hurdle for the stores is convincing you to switch. New sales tactics like Martin's "store brands challenge" are making it easier for the consumer to do just that.

"What we're encouraging shoppers to do is to buy the name brand of a product, and then they can get the equivalent in our store brand for free," said Corrigan.

Starting Sunday, if you buy a 2-liter of Coke, you get a 2-liter of the own brand for free. Same with Ballpark hotdogs, six-packs of Charmin and Claritin. You can get different varieties of the cokes, plus there's no limit on how many you can buy.

"It's to get people to try the store-brand products, to compare them to the national brand, and it doesn't cost them a dime," said Corrigan.

Martin's isn't alone. When Kroger stopped doubling coupons last May, prices on thousands of products came down, and a big chunk of those were their brand.

Frugal shoppers never miss Food Lion's 'My Essentials' sale, where every store-brand item in the supermarket is discounted.

Store brands cost less because of advertising. Large manufacturers market nationally, with a goal of being in every store in the country that sells food. As a result, costs are higher - and you pay for it.

"The following week, we are comparing our ice cream pints to the Ben and Jerrys," said Corrigan.

Along with Bounty paper towels, Quaker granola bars and Campbells soup, letting you, the consumer, decide for yourself which is the better deal.

Retailers want you buy their brand. If you like an item, you'll buy it more often. As your product confidence builds, you're more likely to try other store brand products. All this adds up to more sales.

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