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73-year-old woman upset over 'fake' Facebook page

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A 73-year-old Petersburg woman just found out she has a Facebook page she never created. Experts say it's easier than ever to save someone's photos and instantly make an account that's not their own.

For many people, logging on to Facebook is just as common as checking email. The company even promotes privacy settings for those concerned about their online safety. One Petersburg woman says she doesn't understand how she ended up on the site in the first place.

"I have several people that text me or call me and told me…they told me and I said ‘what!'" Lenora Maxon said.

She couldn't be any more frustrated.

The page has her photo and a username almost identical to one she uses on a different Internet chat site. The Facebook page was created Wednesday and has nearly 30 friends.

"I don't have Facebook, so I couldn't have any friends," she said.

The creator even wrote messages on the page's wall.

"Writing all kind of stuff that people didn't say," she said in anger.

It's not clear who is operating it or why.

In some cases, experts say criminals create fake pages for real members -- hoping to lure others.

"Your browser would display Facebook. You would think you are on Facebook.com but you are actually on my clone site and what I would do on my clone site is I would collect your user name and password," said cyber expert DJ Rivera.

That gives them access to your page to do whatever they please. So Facebook is issuing tips for keeping you safe. They include changing your password periodically and resetting it if you think someone has access to it, adjusting your privacy settings if you think someone is snooping through your information, and don't be afraid to un-friend or even block someone you have questions about.

Maxon never saw this situation coming.

"If I wanted to be on Facebook, I would have created my own page…I want my name cleared. I want that mess pulled off of Facebook and I don't want to see it there again," she said.

Experts say if you're online often, make sure your anti-virus is up to date. If you think your online safety is compromised, try resetting your computer back to factory settings and as always, stay away from clicking any link that just doesn't look right.

If you know someone who is running a fake Facebook account or if you think someone has created one about you, you can report it here.

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