Country Club in Chesterfield remodels after health violations

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - You might be surprised to see a country club on the Restaurant Report because they usually have good health inspections, but one club in Chesterfield had five critical violations.

We went to see how they fixed the problems and discovered they're remodeling a kitchen to help make sure things are done right.

The Country Club at the Highlands at 8136 Highland Glenn Drive in Chesterfield had five critical violations on a health inspection, which isn't typical for the club. Among them, the report says boxed coffee products were on the floor, and prime rib and other foods in a cooler weren't being kept cold enough.

Club Manager Armando Pinto and the chef showed us violations were corrected on the spot, and told us the cooler was just a couple of degrees too warm because it had been frequently opened and closed.

"If we know something doesn't work properly, we correct that right away. We're very responsive with our members," explained Pinto.

In fact, they showed us their completely remodeled snack bar kitchen will re-open very soon.

"Dave is bringing new equipment into the kitchen," Pinto showed us. "A couple new pieces of equipment. This way we can enlarge our menu for the members."

The inspector noted all violations were corrected by the club's follow-up inspection.

Sally Bell's Kitchen at 708 West Grace Street in Richmond usually earns better inspection scores, too. But it had four critical, including tuna salad, macaroni salad, and cheese spread in a low-boy refrigerator were not cold enough. This and other violations were corrected during the inspection. We left a message for Sally Bell's manager, but did not hear back.

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to the Belmont Food Shop, 27 North Belmont Avenue, Richmond.

"Hospitality starts for us before the guests arrive. Part of that is having a clean, safe place where people can gather," said founder and chef Mike Yavorsky.

Belmont has earned perfect scores on four inspections and hasn't had a critical violation in two years.

"We feel like we should take pride in what we do. Part of that is having a clean kitchen without critical violations," Yavorsky told us.

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