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Police warn truckers again to stay off Snake Road

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They call Ruffin Mill Road in Chesterfield "Snake Road" for a reason.

It has tight twists and turns, too narrow for tractor-trailers. They're prohibited from driving the road, but police say they keep doing it every single day. There are six signs warning truck drivers not to take the road, split between the two entrances. Some have flashing lights.

"Obviously these truck drivers, either they can not read English or they don't care," said  Richard Garrett, who lives Near Snake Road. "They continue to do it and the problem is when you have one that runs off the road and he closes it for 20 hours it impacts all of us."

Just a couple of weeks ago a truck overturned blocking traffic and keeping neighbors from getting home. Police say they get calls about trucks on the road constantly and have more than 280 pages of complaints. 

The problem isn't just the tight turns. It's also the bridges, which are not really meant to hold a lot of weight. Trucks passing the road sometimes weigh four times what's recommended.

One bridge cuts traffic down to one lane and many of the turns require even cars to hit the brakes. 

"It's a miracle that no one has been injured yet," said Garrett. "When you meet one of these 53-foot tractor trailers on one of these curves he absolutely takes the whole road and when you go around the curve and you meet him head on all you can do is slam on the breaks and hope you don't hit him."

Police say they've bumped up their presence, with extra officers on the road almost daily. 

"My biggest fear is a truck going down, having to negotiate some of those really blind curves and taking up the entire road and then you have another motorist or motorcyclist coming up the road the other way and you could potentially  have a head-on collision," said Capt. David Shand. "Which could be devastating for somebody in a passenger car."

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