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Chesterfield Police search for Clover Hill Elementary credit card thief


Chesterfield Police say a woman rang up thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges on credit cards stolen from cars parked at Clover Hill Elementary.

Police say the crime spree happened on March 1. Now, they hope the public can help them solve the crime. 

"We don't have any indication she was acting by herself," said Cpl. Kevin Bacon with the Chesterfield Police Department. "When you look at the number of purchases, when you look at the number of vehicles that were broken into, she could have had some help."

Police say someone stole credit cards from cars at Clover Hill Elementary School during a children's basketball game. The cards were lifted from purses in unlocked vehicles. 

Detectives say the suspect or suspects moved quickly, racking up $13,000 in fraudulent charges. Within a few days, police say the suspect rang up charges on the stolen credit cards in Henrico, Hanover, and Chesterfield, traveling from store to store. 

Police say there were charges at Best Buy and Target and that the suspects purchased electronics, like high-end cameras. 

Police say the victims they've discovered may not be the only ones. 

"We'd like to ask anyone who had attended that game at Clover Hill," said Cpl. Bacon. "Maybe they realized that they had charges on their account. We'd really like to talk to them to see if we can tie all those crimes together."

Meanwhile, police say, locating this woman will be a big key to getting to the bottom of this crime. 

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