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Neighborhood Health Watch: Concussion warning signs


You may have heard news programs doing stories on concussions recently. The reason behind this mostly has to do with NFL players whose careers are long over.

However, in today's Neighborhood Health Watch, we are making sure parents are watching out for concussion warning signs.

Dr. Azhar Talibi from Chippenham Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine says athletes from a wide range of sports, from football to basketball hockey to bicycling, even cheerleading, have higher risks of collisions that could impact the head and lead to concussions.

Parents need to be aware of symptoms which could present themselves as headaches, vomiting, and memory loss to name just a few.

Despite the risks, Dr. Talibi believes that does not mean parents should keep their kids from playing sports.

"Sports are a big part of growing up. It can teach things like discipline and teamwork, so I'd hate to tell families to not engage in sports for their children, but I'd be aware of the potential side effects and what to watch out for."

The first key is rest. That means coming out of the game right away to be evaluated. Taking quick steps early could lead to fewer problems down the road.  

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