Savings apps now including coupons for produce

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Gone are the days when coupons only covered junk food. Coupons have found their way to the produce aisle, and all the savings apps seem to catching on to the idea.

Saving Star is one of my favorite cash back sites and now offers a healthy option each week. A few weeks ago, the deal was 20 percent back when you bought bananas. It even showed you the PLU sticker to look for.

A week later, you could get 20 percent back on up to $10 worth of green peppers. The next week, discounted tomatoes. All you have to do is log onto Saving Star and hit "I want that." You attach your loyalty card to the site and the discount is credited to your account in a matter of days. You can cash out once you hit five bucks.

Saving Star has other deals if you buy multiple products in a given time period. You can get $5 back when you spend 20 on Dole fruits, juices and other healthy snacks.

The cash back app Ibotta just had a 75-cent incentive when you buy wonderful Halo's California mandarins. Rebate app Checkout 51 kicked back a quarter on carrots.

If you like to shop at a particular grocer, make sure you've signed up for the store's email alerts. Martin's has started sending personalized coupons, and they usually include something from the produce department. A recent offer I got was 75 cents off Giant brand bag salad. Add that to my dollar-off paper coupon, and I score spinach for a quarter. I get other emailed coupons for canned and frozen vegetables as well.

Kroger has been offering a free Friday download for months now. Every Friday, you can load a new e-coupon onto your Kroger card and pick up something absolutely free. One of the February deals for Sundia grapefruit was a very healthy deal.

Rebate sites Checkout 51, Ibotta and Saving Star are simple to use and absolutely free. Plus, all three have apps available for smartphones.

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