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Potholes setting records regionally


AAA says it's a record-breaking pothole season. Most likely, because of the tough winter we've seen in Central Virginia. It's a problem that's turning into big business for companies that help with making repairs to cars damaged by potholes. 

"We've seen a lot of it since the winter storms," said Billy Allen, manager at Allen Tire. "We've got a lot of cars coming in with bent and broken wheels,  blown out tires, messed up suspension parts. As far as damage goes, it's definitely one of the worst years we've seen."

Allen says it's hitting the pockets of customers, or at least insurance companies, hard. 

 "Just last week, we had a brand new vehicle that  pothole broke to wheels and bent a control arm," said Allen . "It was like 15 hundred dollars worth of damage because of a pothole."

Regionally, AAA has seen 67,000 calls for tire related requests.  

VDOT issued the following statement: 

This winter's severe weather will certainly increase the amount of potholes on the roads. With 18,000 lane miles to maintain in the Richmond District, we welcome the public's pothole reports. Reports can be made by calling 800-FOR-ROAD (or 367-7623) or online at http://www.virginiadot.org/travel/citizen.asp. Drivers who would like to file a claim for damages caused by potholes can contact the Customer Service Center 800-FOR-ROAD (or 367-7623) or online at http://www.virginiadot.org/travel/citizen.asp.


Potholes are formed by cyclical freezing and thawing of moisture in pavement during the snow season. This causes the pavement to weaken and crumble under heavy traffic.


Pothole repairs will not be affected by additional snow costs. We have sufficient resources to continue critical functions; pothole patching operations and snow removal included.

VDOT does not maintain Richmond or Henrico County roads. 

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