Dishwasher problems lead to critical violations for Henrico restaurant

Temperatures were the problem for two restaurants in this edition of the Restaurant Report. In one, some food wasn't hot enough. In the other, the dishwasher wasn't running hot enough to sanitize the dishes.

The dish washing machine problem happened at the Waffle House at 5414 Williamsburg Road in Henrico. It was among 4 critical violations on its last health inspection report. It says the dish machine wasn't reaching the required 180 degrees and the plates and glassware weren't being sanitized. A repair person was called and other violations were corrected during the inspection. But when the inspector returned a week later, the follow-up report says the dish machine was still having temperature issues and they were told to stop using it until it was checked, which they did.

The temperature problem was with the fried rice at Peking Restaurant at 12730 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield. That was among its 4 critical violations. That and some other problems were fixed right away. But the follow-up report two weeks later says the fried rice was still not being kept hot enough. The inspector advised Peking staff to turn the rice cooker on earlier, and not to fill it to the top.

There were no problems of any kind at this Taco Bell at 11450 West Broad Street in Henrico. We're giving it the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing three health inspections and not having any critical violations in two years.