Richmond man explains why he allegedly kidnapped his own mom

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman is pulled from the trunk of her own son's car hundreds of miles away in South Carolina.

NBC12 has the incredible rescue on video but according to our legal analyst, having video doesn't mean this is an open and shut case for the prosecution.

The video begins with South Carolina State Troopers surrounding a Cadillac at a rest stop along I-95 in South Carolina, guns drawn as they approach.

Audio from a trooper's dash-cam captures the officers screaming, "let me see your hands!" and "get on the ground!" to the driver.

The driver is 20-year-old Regelio Lopez. South Carolina police were on the look out for him after getting a tip from Richmond Police about a possible kidnapping.

You then see another officer walk to the trunk of car, pop it open and find Lopez's mother.

"The question, of course, in a case like this is why?" Says NBC12 legal analyst Steve Benjamin.

Lopez tells South Carolina State Police, he was heading to Miami to live with his mom who didn't want to go with him.

"What made you do this?" Asks the officer.

"I was alone," replies Lopez.

"Look at it from my perspective. You're going back to Florida, you're kidnapping your mom..."

"I didn't kidnap her!" Says Lopez.

"You're taking her against her will. She's being kidnapped," says the officer.

"What this suggests is that there may be a mental illness or a mental issue here," says Benjamin. He also says it's likely Lopez's defense is investigating if their client is mentally ill or insane.

To prove insanity is difficult in Virginia and means the defense has to prove Lopez had no understanding of right or wrong at the time of abduction.

"Obviously this is just not normal," says Benjamin. "People don't abduct their mothers. People don't put their mothers in the trunk of their car. This defies reason."

Lopez is facing a kidnapping charge in Richmond since that's where he allegedly abducted his mom. At last check, Lopez was awaiting extradition back to Virginia.

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