National Consumer Protection Week website keeps track of latest scams

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A suspicious email, a call from an unknown number, that letter asking for a little money to make a big return. How do you keep up with all the scams after your money?

The scams never stop. Postal Inspector, Michael Romano says sometimes it's hard to keep up with them all. They all have one goal, separating you from your money."We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions of dollars costing consumers and the industry each year as a result of these scams," he says.

The National Consumer Protection Week website can help. As part of National Consumer Protection Week, it highlights some of the most common schemes, with red flags and tips to keep you safe. Inspector Romano says crooks can target you through the mail, online or by phone. Many times they target the elderly but he says that's not a reason to let your guard down. "You would be surprised of who is falling victim to these scams. Doctors, Lawyers, you run the gamut on it. It just depends on the personal situation. Someone may have fallen on hard times and seen an investment offer that says it can double or triple your investment," he says.

Romano also advises consumers to stop by or The United States Postal Inspection Service both work to keep you one step ahead of the criminals. "Some of these scams involve the elderly and there may be a level of embarrassment that they have gotten involved in such a scam. So we are passing out the information to the younger population with the hopes that they would pass that on to their parents," Romano explains.

He says many of the scams are preventable. Romano says before you respond or react to that next offer or email, pause and do some research.

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