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Commuters seeing dead batteries, car troubles due to bitter cold

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Tired of the cold? So are many of the cars around town. Bitter cold temperatures Tuesday morning are blamed for hundreds of dead batteries and other problems in Metro Richmond. 

The winter storm has come and gone, but many like Earl King are finding it tough to get through the day - and get cars started. 

"Pretty much I was coming out, getting ready for work, starting my car... trying to start my car... and got a clicking sound. It wouldn't start, so I had to call AAA," said King.

A technician came out to check King's car Tuesday morning. The diagnosis: a dead battery.

"Every time it gets cold, my car has a tough time starting, but thanks to AAA, we got it taken care of."

King isn't the only one with problems Tuesday morning. AAA is seeing similar calls all across Central Virginia.

"One of the main things that we see, especially on a really cold day like today - right now, its like 16, 17 degrees - we still get a lot of call for batteries. In fact, in the Richmond area, nearly 40 percent of our calls have been people having dead batteries or just can't get going this morning," said Tammy Gobert with AAA.

On Monday, when the storm moved through the area, there were more reports of cars getting stuck in the snow. A day later, those calls are still rolling in.

Gobert says usually during the winter they see about a thousand calls per day. That number jumps significantly anytime there is a major snow storm.

"Our call volume has definitely gone up, especially since 6 o'clock this morning, and a lot of that has to do with people who are trying to get into work during their normal morning commute," said Gobert.

As for King, he is back on the road. He says next time, he will prepare for the winter weather and suggests others do the same.

"If you have the means get prepared for winter with a fresh batter, fresh tires, fresh wires and all that type of stuff so you don't run into these type of problems," said King.

AAA does expect its call volume to grow even more.

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