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Good Samaritan saves injured dog on Houston highway

Source: Transtar camera Source: Transtar camera

A yellow lab stranded on a highway in Houston gets a little help from a good Samaritan.

Rickey Young heard about the problem on the radio and rushed over to help.

"Yeah, I'm kind of a softy on that stuff," said Young. "I have a dog, and I would hate to see him on a highway like that."

Young was able to lure the scared dog to his truck using a sandwich. Then they were off to the SPCA.

"I could see that she was thankful and she was happy to be in a safer environment," said Young.

Vets at the SPCA said the timing was critical - the dog had broken bones and internal bleeding, and she was in desperate need of care. Following the operation, the lab now has a new chance at life, thanks to a complete stranger.

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