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Tuesday low expected to break record


Behind Monday's storm come some of the coldest conditions our area has seen. If Tuesday morning's temperatures reach the forecasted lows, we could break records.

That low wouldn't just be a daily record, but a record for the entire month of March. We've never dropped to below ten degrees since meteorologists began keeping track.

Tuesday morning, it's expected to get down to eight.

The storm blowing through our area Monday didn't increase the call volume at James River Air Conditioning much, but a possible eight-degree record low should keep crews on their toes overnight and in the morning.

"Mother Nature has been working us this year," owner Hugh Joyce said.

He's expecting some Richmonders to find themselves in emergency situations: calling a technician because something is frozen; a pipe burst; or even worse with this deep freeze, your heat isn't working at all.

"You just got to be thinking what could freeze, what could be a problem, make sure we're paying attention to it," Joyce said.

With this storm, it's likely an outdoor unit will be covered in ice and you might think to use something sharp to clear out anything frozen. The problem is if you hit the coils you're looking at an almost $1200 repair.

"We want them to turn the heat pump to emergency heat and let the ice thaw off," Joyce advised. "It will thaw off naturally."

Also, if you don't clean or replace a dirty air filter, you could be in for another type of disaster.

"Dirty filters, all the pressures go up, it's like a clogged artery," Joyce described. "It will cause a heart attack."

Don't forget to think about your plumbing system.

"If you've got pipes that are prone to freezing, leave the water dripping a little bit," Joyce added. "Just a little bit of water movement will make or break a frozen pipe."

Your work isn't done after this freeze. You'll also want to pay attention to your next electric bill. It should be higher than normal, but if it is astronomical, there may be an issue that is causing your system to work even harder.

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