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1,000 flight cancellations at RIC since January


The fourth winter storm has caused more flight cancellations at Richmond International Airport.  Administrators say this is one of the worst winters it has had to deal with and it might need some financial help.

Visibility was one of the biggest reasons why most flights stayed grounded.  Brenda Reeder just spent an extra 24 hours in the River City and had been sleeping in a chair in the airport.

"It has to truly be spring before I'm coming back," she said.

Juanita Farrow is trying to get to Dallas.  "Actually I was at the gate and it just showed canceled," she said.  "I'm just ready for the spring.  I'm tired of the weather right now, tired of the snow."

It's a feeling airport administrators share.  Since January, there have been 1,000 flight cancellations because of the weather.

 "I don't know if it's an all time record we've kept detailed stats going back eight years but this blows any other winter we had in that eight year period," RIC spokesperson Troy Bell said.

There are a lot of extra expenses.

"We are burning lots of fuel, we've got a lot of trucks out there, they're clearing movement areas and roadways at the airport, we see a substantial amount of overtime for the snow teams involved," he said.

Bell says the airport may get some financial help since the governor has called two states of emergency this winter.  But for now, airport officials are watching what Mother Nature does next, especially since record breaking freezing temperatures are expected Tuesday night.

Officials say to check with your airline before your flight:

AirTran Airways - www.airtran.com
American Airlines - www.aa.com
Delta Air Lines - www.delta.com
JetBlue Airways - www.jetblue.com
Southwest Airlines - www.southwest.com
United Airlines - www.united.com
US Airways - www.usairways.com

RIC canceled departures: http://www.flyrichmond.com/index.php/flight-information/cancelled-departures  

RIC canceled arrivals: http://www.flyrichmond.com/index.php/flight-information/cancelled-arrivals

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