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VDOT prepares for another round winter weather


The roads may be dry right now, but in just a matter of hours that will change and it's that first round of rain, VDOT says, makes it impossible to pre-treat the roads.

Yet again, old man winter is rearing his head. This time the storm is dumping rain on the area first making it hard for VDOT to pre-treat roads.

Lindsay LaGrand, a VDOT employee, tells NBC 12 "unfortunately we can't pre-treat the roads because the rain would just wash away any salt that we put down its very important that folks stay vigilant and watch 511 and watch the latest weather conditions as they begin their travel in the morning."

While VDOT is over budget this winter, that does not mean less crews will be on the roads.

LeGrand told us things will be a little different this time around. We can actually expect to see more snow plows.

"We actually had crews report this morning around 8'oclock to go ahead and load some hired equipment trucks with salt and sand. Get those plows and spreaders installed on the trucks ready to deploy tomorrow once the precipitation actually begins."

When those trucks hit the roads, VDOT is warning drivers to be mindful and also suggests making sure your mailboxes are secure on their posts.

No matter what happens, the snow means a headache for Brittany Williams.

"I'm just so sick and tired of the snow, I'm tired of the cold weather the ice, slippery roads."

She and her family will be avoiding major roads tonight and tomorrow. She's already making plans to pick up a few extra items at the grocery store.

Brittany says she doesn't plan to venture out into the weather but sends a word of caution to those who have to:

"I just tell everybody to drive safe be cautious on the roads and be safe."

Crews will be working throughout the night as the storm moves through the area. We are told that VDOT is currently working out of their maintenance funding since there is no money left for snow removal.

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