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Forest Hill neighborhood on alert after suspicious man knocks on doors


Roger Clark says he's always on alert. His concern has grown even more after a suspicious man knocked on the front door of his Forest Hill home earlier this week.

"It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon when the person rang my doorbell," Clark said.

It happened along Stonewall Avenue in broad daylight, a man tried to force himself inside one of the neighbors homes.

"I answered the door he pushed forward like he was trying to get into the house so I pushed him back. He said he was collecting for some sort of drug program that I had never heard of," Clark said.

After the man left Clark flagged down a police officer who had already been tipped off about the suspicious man. Police caught him near the park. He was questioned and his information for future reference, but the man was not arrested.

The Forest Hill Neighborhood Association immediately sent out an email to the community giving a brief description of the man.

Susan Borghard has lived in the community for nearly 20 years. The mother of young boys she says she's thankful for their vigilant community and aggressive neighborhood association and watch programs.

"It makes me concerned but not necessarily alarmed, we have a nice community and people kind of look out for each other so that helps a lot," Borghard said.  

As for Roger Clark he's calling on others to be cautious.

"If they don't have any ID and they don't have anything from the alleged charity then it is a dead give away that this is probably a scam," Clark said.

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