Save money on your energy bill with Dominion Power's Home Energy Check-up

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Nobody enjoys cutting that monthly check to Dominion Virginia Power. Now the power company wants to lower your bills through energy conservation and has a way for you to get the work done for free.

When Kimberly Roberts and her husband moved into a Richmond rental last year, she established an average, fixed price with the power company that she'd pay each month. This year's cold snaps, however, have thrown a huge wrench into her budget.

"Our bill was $151 a month, and then we got an evaluation, got a nice little letter and it went to $333 a month," said Roberts.

Roberts researched and found the "Home Energy Check-up," offered by Dominion Virginia Power.

"We're looking for a 3-5% total savings across the electric grid by installing these items," said Eddie Dutton, Operations Manager for Dutton Equipment Repair.

Start by calling one of the local contractors on Dominion's list. The contractor replaces up to nine incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives.

"We have installed weather stripping on the front door. This is absolutely at no cost to the consumer," said Dutton.

Roberts is getting a year's worth of air filters. Dutton Equipment Repair also insulated her hot water tank.

"The smart strip has one main outlet to turn on the power, and it will turn on the power to the other three," said Dutton.

When the TV goes off, so does everything else.

"Amazon had that strip for about $40, but normally it's about $60," said Roberts.

The program also gives single family homeowners and renters a free heat pump tune up. Roberts has three pumps - all got the same service.

"With all these items we're putting in, we're trying to save 1000 kilowatt hours," said Dutton.

The customer fills out the paperwork and that's it. Dutton Repair gets the rebate from Dominion Power and you spend no money out of pocket. Roberts is now on her way to the end goal.

"To get my energy levels back down to a reasonable amount," said Roberts.

Renters need landlord approval before having the Home Energy Check-up.

For the full list of qualified contractors, click here:

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