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VDOT to make adjustments after budget busting winter



VDOT is now millions of dollars over budget, and they are gearing up for more winter weather Wednesday morning. We're investigating what this budget busting winter could mean for your street the next time it snows. 

Central Virginia has seen three significant snow events in two months. 

"Yes," said Lindsay LeGrand with VDOT. "We are quite ready for spring."

VDOT will have to decide what road projects or other maintenance to cut in the future, to make up for the heavy snow budget. 

"It could be mowing. It could be paving projects," said LeGrand. "But we are looking forward to keeping the roads safe and passable."

Each full day of a snow storm with VDOT crews rotating 12 hour shifts costs $1M. VDOT is now already $3 million over their $10.4 million snow removal budget.

"It has actually been a while since we have gone over our snow removal budget," said LeGrand. "This year has certainly been one of the biggest snows of recent memory."

Richmond has spent $750,000 and will have to "supplement" that in the future. Henrico has spent just over $2 million compared to just over $200,000 in 2012. So what does this all mean for a street near you?

"We treat snow removal service as emergency preparedness," said LeGrand. "So we are out there 24 hrs a day when we have these big events. Thankfully we are not expecting anything like that with this particular storm."


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