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Drainage dispute causing headache for Caroline family

A drainage dispute is causing a big headache for a Caroline family.

Standing water is constantly building up in their front yard, attracting bugs and creating an awful smell. The family says they just can't get any answers.

The 82-year-old homeowner says it's like she's living on a swamp, due to all of the standing water in front of her home.

"If you're dumping on my property, why can't you do something about it?" asked Annie Fox.

She is tired of living with a flooded front yard that she didn't cause.

"In the summer time, I take Lyme to spray over there and keep the insects and the smell down, that's expensive to me," Fox said.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. It gets worse.

"If it's a big rain or any type of snow, weather, the water runs in my property and it sounds like a river. You can hear it roaring from my porch. It looks like a waterfall's coming," Fox added.

There's quite a bit of water building up in a wooded area across the street from her home. Fox says that water travels through an underground pipe and then dumps directly onto her property.

At the end of December, A tree fell in her yard due to the saturated ground.

"Thank the lord it didn't fall on the garage. I've got to pay to have the tree removed or someone to cut it up or whatever," she said.

The Public Works Director for Caroline County said he can't do anything to fix the pipe, because Fox lives on a state road. He says VDOT may be able to help.

"It's mosquitoes and things in the summer and all that stuff settles out there. It's green and when it dries up, it smells. It has a terrible odor to it," Fox said.

It's a battle she has fought for years, but the waiting game is causing her to lose patience.

"You've got stinky water and all this water. You can't take care of your property," she said.

According to the CDC, standing water can cause serious health problems.

A VDOT spokesperson says they immediately sent a crew to the home after the issue was brought to their attention. VDOT says they want to re-visit the situation to determine if it's a state pipe causing the water to flow and says crews are willing to meet with the homeowner.

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