Shooting overnight at VUU

Good Monday morning from Heather!

Breaking news right now: Chrystina Head is reporting live at Virginia Union University after a shooting about 2 o'clock this morning. VUU sent an alert to students an faculty, telling them to stay away from Graham Road where it happened. Chrystina is working to learn how many people were involved and their conditions. VUU has since issued an all clear to students.

Fire broke out overnight in the kitchen of the Tuckahoe YMCA on Patterson Avenue in the West End. A fire extinguisher was used to put it out and no one was hurt.

An ODU student from Henrico was killed after being hit in the head while walking down Hampton Boulevard Sunday.

Andrew says expect another nice day today, but not as warm as yesterday. And Wednesday we have a chance for snow. Join us on the air now for these stories and more!