3 VCU Soccer players charged with taking nude pics of teen girl


Three VCU soccer players are currently off the team, and facing felony charges. The freshman were indicted earlier this month. VCU police arrested Finnlay Wyatt, 19, Bobby Hopper, 19, and Donovan Arias for allegedly taking video or pictures of a minor, back in November. VCU officials say the young men are suspended from the soccer team, as their case plays out in court.

Court documents say the incident happened in a place one wouldn't expect to be recorded, like a restroom or locker room.

An attorney for Arias says no harm was intended. He says the whole situation started as a prank in a dorm setting, and the young men didn't know the girl was 17 years old.  

Finnlay Wyatt was a well regarded soccer player at Midlothian High School. A voice from behind his Chesterfield home's front door responded, "no comment," after we knocked.

The VCU campus is stunned by the arrests.

"This is definitely shocking… I would never expect to hear that," said VCU senior Vincent Klug.

However, students say they won't judge all by the alleged actions of a few. 

"We look up to the players. I don't think three kids, freshman, really reflects the rest of the sports team," said Isaac Raj, a VCU student. 

"If it was against her will, I would think it's way out of character for any VCU student to even think about doing that," added VCU senior Chanelle Saunders.

"I think it's an anomaly. I don't think they represent a whole student body, or even athletic student body," continued Klug.

VCU officials won't give further details on the incident, but say they've launched their own investigation stemming from the student code of conduct and federal Title IX avenues. All three players are out on a $10,000 bond. No court date has been scheduled at this time.V


"Because of the ongoing internal investigation and court proceedings, we cannot comment further on this matter until it is adjudicated except to say that VCU remains committed to an environment free of intimidation, harassment and discrimination," VCU officials said in a written statement.


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