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Residents say mailboxes damaged after snow plows clear roads


Laurie Keidel has lived in a home along Providence Road for the last 10 years, and at least five times over those years, she's had to pick up her mailbox after it was knocked off its post during snow storms.

People living in the area say that anytime there is a huge down pour of snow, drivers get distracted and leave the road, plowing right into their mailboxes.

"They tend to come down the hill too fast, and they can't tell where the side of the roads are," Laurie Keidel said.

We noticed several mailboxes either knocked off their posts or bent over along the road. Richard Seamans, who also had his mailbox knocked over, has a different theory.

For years, Seamans has watched as snow plows get too close to properties and knock over mailboxes. We took Richard's concerns to Lindsay LaGrand with VDOT.

"It is possible for plowing to cause property damage, especially immediately adjacent to the roadway," Seamans said.

LaGrand says that property damage claims can be filed with VDOT customer service. We were also told today that snow plows don't directly cause damage.

"Its usually rather the force of the snow being pushed off the roadway, and that's usually what causes mailboxes to fall over," LaGrand said.

If your mailbox was damaged, you need to get in contact with your mail carrier and make arrangements to get your mail. If your mailbox has been damaged and you believe it may be because of work that VDOT crews were doing to clear roads, you can contact customer service at 1-800-367-7623.

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