On Your Side Alert: One Ring Scam

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're working to make sure you keep your hard-earned money. There is a warning from the Better Business Bureau about what it calls the "One Ring Scam." It says a simple missed call could end up costing you money. The organization blasted out an alert warning consumers.

Tom Gallagher with the Richmond BBB, says he almost fell for it. "It just a dirty deal, don't get involved, leave it alone. If you don't know where the number is or who it is, don't call it back," he says.

Here's how it works, crooks call thousand of people at random. Once you answer, they hang up. Gallagher says if you call back, that's how they get you. "The minute that you connect back up with them and redial, that is going to connect into a live call where they are going to be billing you at 19 or 20 bucks," Gallagher explains.

He says many times if you hit redial, you're connected with a service you probably don't want. "It is some sort of adult call. So I guess those who are going to hang up are going to hang up and those that are going to listen will listen longer," he says.

Gallagher says this is a reminder like with your credit and card and bank statements, you need to keep an eye on your phone bill. If you see a suspicious charge, contact your service provider to dispute the charge. "Most of us don't look at our telephone statement. We have a dollar amount range in our head and you say gee, this is getting too high but you don't take a look at why it is too high," Gallagher says.

Remember, the next time you get that missed remember, if they don't leave a message, it's probably not important.

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