Local Business Fi-Tech Helps Richmond Animal League Continue to Break Adoption Records

For years, local business owner C. Leland Bassett has made life better for the cats at Richmond Animal League (RAL).  Mr. Bassett, chairman of Fi-Tech, Inc. has made possible the adult cat room, where as many as twenty-two cats and live and play, the screened porch surrounded by bird feeders and full of scratching posts and cat trees, and  the custom-made carts that cat housing cages sit upon.  A special medical fund has also allowed RAL to treat several cats that needed extensive care.   But Mr. Bassett doesn't only want to make the kittens and cats more comfortable while they are at the shelter, he shares RAL's goal of getting them home.

In 2013, Mr. Bassett and Fi-Tech sponsored an adoption program that allowed adopters to take home a healthy, spayed/neutered feline up to date on all age-appropriate shots for just $10. The normal adoption fees had been $50 for an adult cat, and $125 for a kitten.  In 2013, this program was also supported by Midlothian Dermatology.  Word spread quickly about the cat adoptions at $10, and by the end of the year, nine hundred and fifty three kittens and cats found homes.  That is a 49% increase over the prior year's adoptions.  In other words, this funding allowed three hundred and sixteen more kittens and cats to find safety, and ultimately homes, through RAL.

Mr. Bassett's commitment to continue this successful program for another year exceeded all expectations.  His generosity is saving lives of kittens and cats that do not fare well in municipal shelters throughout Central Virginia.  Richmond Animal League will continue to transfer to safety as many animals as possible from those shelters.

Fi-Tech, a neighbor of RAL, is a distributor of industrial machinery.   They are one of the oldest and largest rep firms in the industry, representing the most technologically advanced manufacturers in the synthetic fibers, nonwovens, perforating, and tobacco industries.  For over 100 years, Arkote, a subsidiary of Fi-Tech, has supplied high-quality cutting knives to the worldwide tobacco industry.  It has customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

For more information about available kittens and cats, contact RAL at adopt@ral.org or visit www.ral.org.