Education Editorial: Plumbing

Education Editorial: Plumbing

During the freezing days with single digit temperatures, we, like so many others, lost our water. Since we are on a well I had to turn off the power…and begin the search for a break in the labyrinth of pipes in a 39-year old house.

Dressed for an expedition to one of the Polar Regions and with a light on my hat, I entered the crawl space. Upon finding the break near the foundation, I realized that when the plumbing had been added for a sprinkler system, it had no cut off valve. There was no way to isolate the problem.

Upon returning from my expedition, I called my friend and plumber who at the moment had his "hair on fire" with broken pipes all around town. He said that he might be able to get to it the next day.

After a trip to Lowes and with the purchase of a cutoff value, appropriate primer, glue and a new hacksaw, I re-entered the cave. Oh, the epitome of trust is when your wife watches you crawl under the house with a miner's light and a hacksaw.

Shortly after cutting the pipe my cell phone range. It was the plumber. While reassuring, he said that he would come by in about twenty minutes. I waited for him before I turned the water on. On arrival he crawled under the house, signed off on the work and with laughs and high fives we returned from the nether land.

Del. Chris Peace has introduced a bill that calls for a Governor's School in trade and technical education. It's a great idea. While degrees from three wonderful Virginia institutions have been rewarding, it was a father and rural high school that taught basic skills…and the guidance of a master plumber… that brought the water back.

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