MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Cracking the price tag code

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Every shopper hopes to spend less on the products they want most, but is that sale price the best deal you can get, or will the price go even lower?

If you've ever used a coupon code from, then Kyle James has already saved you money. Now he wants you to save even more - by cracking retailers' pricetag codes.

"I saw a local news story, about Target in particular, and how you can use the last two digits of the price to figure if it's full price or a markdown price," said James.

So he dug deeper to see which stores had a distinct pattern.

"It works at Costco, Target, Office Depot, Gap, Old Navy and Home Depot," said James.

At Sam's Club, James says tags ending with a '1' are on sale, and a 'c' in the corner means the item is canceled - so get it now, because it's not going to be restocked.

You might have seen Costco pricing codes on Facebook. James says that information is correct. 

"Something that ends in '.97' or '.00' means it's a markdown price," said James.

He says if you see an asterisk in the top right corner, that's a discontinued item. The price won't drop any lower.

At Target, James says to look for numbers ending in '4' or '8'. Those are clearance items. Target starts with a 15% discount, then every few weeks drops the price by 30, 50, 75 then 90%. That percentage is in the top right corner.

At Sears, James says '97' and '88' guarantee good deals.

Deal shopping at Gap and Old Navy? James recommends looking for numbers ending in '47', '49', '97' or '99'.

"If you know these codes, you can figure out if you're getting the best price or if it will be marked down even more," said James.

Store employees update James as the retailers change the coding. At Home Depot, if you spot a price ending in '6', buy it. This is the lowest price you're going to get. The color of the tag can be a sale indicator at Home Depot as well.

"If that tag is green, that means it's closeout or discontinued item,"

James breaks down the price codes for several other popular retailers. He's created a pdf with all of this information that you can print it and keep it in your wallet:

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