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Chester man still paying for child that isn't biologically his


A Chesterfield man says he's still paying hundreds for a child that isn't his, even after a judge ruled he'd only have to pay $1 per month, without interest, in back child support.

Dwayne Parson say she's paying way more than a dollar a month now. Throughout the years, he says he has been to jail and developed terrible credit - all for child support back payments on a kid, who isn't his. Parson has the D-N-A test to prove it.

The ruling in February was freeing for Parson. he thought he'd finally freed himself of the nightmare, but after talking to social services, we've learned, that's not what the law says.

Dwayne Parson says the problem started when he signed the child's birth certificate. He found out soon after, the child wasn't his.

That decision, though, made him legally responsible for the child. In the February 2013 ruling, the judge took sympathy on Dwayne's situation, ruling that he could pay just one dollar per month without interest on the back payments.

Because Dwayne signed the birth certificate, he had to pay something, and it seemed like a good solution to Dwayne.

But, he says he noticed social services kept taking more money out of his paychecks. He showed us statements from the government website, where hundreds were withdrawn.

$145 one pay check, $137 the next, $65 the next.

"I said, 'Why are y'all going against the dollar a month?'" said Parson.

Dwayne and his fiance both say they've been back and forth with the courts and social services - calling, stopping by in person - but they never get results.

"When you take more than what the judge says, to me that's just like being a thief!" a frustrated Parson told NBC12.

Dwayne was so frustrated, he called 12 for help and we went to find answers. With Dwayne's permission, social services talked to us about his case.

They say, by law, Dwayne can still be held responsible for the money. Through court proceedings after the judge's ruling, social services is able to collect the thousands of dollars.

Why? They say, it's because on paper, Dwayne may not be the biological father, but he was the legal father until a judge said otherwise, so he still has to pay the back child support he owes.

Social services says wage withholding is a standard collection process, not prohibited by the juvenile court's ruling, and they say a minimum payment is $65, not $1.

For Dwayne and his family, it's bad news and a reason to be frustrated, because they say a mistake more than a decade ago, keeps costing them.

"Bills get behind. Bills get behind. Bills get late. I don't like that," said Dwayne Parson's fiance, Natonya Green. "We can't go on vacation. He can't get a passport!"

The court process is a complicated one in this case, but the bottom line is, the state says Dwayne still owes thousands of dollars in back child support.

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