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Newborn calf thrown into Dinwiddie dumpster alive


Dinwiddie Animal Control officials are working to track down the person cruel enough to discard a newborn calf in a dumpster. The baby animal was left for dead in a large trash bin off Wilson Road in Dinwiddie.

Chaley Sadler and her husband tried desperately to rescue the animal, Saturday evening. However, it ultimately had to be put down.

"We looked over inside the dumpster and it was laying right there. And it just started going crazy," described Chaley. "It got caught up in the corner, and was banging its head up on the side, and I was just screaming and crying."

The couple rushed the calf to their home, wrapping it with blankets and placing the newborn calf near a heater in the laundry room. Chaley stayed up all night feeding it milk. However, the calf was hardly stable.

"It's mouth just kept staying open. It would not close. And its head kept throwing back," continued Chaley of the heartbreaking situation. "It started mooing at us, so we got hope. We were thinking it was going to pull through."

However, the couple knew something wasn't right with the calf.

A veterinarian tried to save the animal the next day, hooking it up to an IV. However, the vet determined the animal had a deformity in its mouth. It wouldn't survive and had to be put down.

The animal appeared normal to a lay person. Whoever threw the animal out likely knew it had a deformity and wouldn't be profitable.

"Somebody who knew this calf would not survive threw it in a dumpster...threw it in there to let it suffer," said Chaley with tears in her eyes.

Chaley and her family buried the calf in their yard.

By law, an animal must be put down humanely. Whoever threw the live calf in the dumpster faces animal cruelty charges and jail time. Dinwiddie Chief Warden of Animal Control, Alvin Langley, says he and officers are actively investigating.

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