Sources: Possible connection between shooting and missing police captain

Kevin Quick (Source: Waynesboro Police Dept.)
Kevin Quick (Source: Waynesboro Police Dept.)
VSP believe this man may know about the disappearance of Kevin Quick (Source: Virginia State Police)
VSP believe this man may know about the disappearance of Kevin Quick (Source: Virginia State Police)

WAYNESBORO, VA (WWBT) - A Sunday night shooting in Louisa and the disappearance of Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick may be connected, according to sources.

According to police sources close to the investigation, a suspect who tried to rob a family inside a Louisa County home Sunday night may have used 45-year-old Kevin Quick's SUV as a getaway car. Quick's SUV was recovered Monday morning just four miles away from where the shooting took place.

Edward Chaplain says he and his family were making food at their home on Mica Road Sunday for a small Super Bowl watch party. His teenage son's friend asked if he could bring over a friend and an acquaintance. That acquaintance tried to rob them, says Chaplain.

"He pulled out a gun and said, 'give me money, give me money, give me money' and pointed the gun at everybody," said Chaplain. "He then looked at my son and said, 'this your girl?' My son didn't want to say yes because he was afraid of what he would do to her."

"He then hit her with the side of the gun across her cheek area," said Chaplain. "We were saying we had no money but then he racked his gun and said, 'you think I'm playing? You think I'm playing?'"

Chaplain says when the suspect racked his gun, he grabbed it and wrestled it in the air. Then, he and his teenage son were able to push the suspect out the door.

The suspect did fire one bullet through the front door, which hit Chaplain's son in the buttocks. Chaplain's son's girlfriend suffered a broken nose and cheekbone. The ordeal left Chaplain with cuts and bruises on his hands, face and head.

The suspect then left in a vehicle matching the same description as Quick's 1999 silver Toyota 4Runner.

That vehicle had been spotted in Fork Union Friday night and Manassas Saturday. Finally, it was recovered in a driveway located in the 3600 block of Cedar Hill Road in Louisa Monday morning.

According to the homeowner, he woke up Monday morning and saw the SUV sitting under his carport. He called Louisa police who handed over the vehicle to state police.

Right now, Virginia State Police don't believe the homeowner has any connection to the abandoned vehicle or to Quick's disappearance.

Meanwhile, Chaplain says the person he encountered isn't the one state police have released a photo of to the public. The man in the photograph is one of two people police hope to speak with.

"But I remember the police saying something about the one who was here is possibly connected to the suspect in the photograph," said Chaplain.

State police have Quick's vehicle and are doing forensics testing on it in Louisa. Quick is still missing.

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