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Winter weather causes power outages, leaves passengers stranded


The continued cold weather made Thursday a day of challenges. For Dominion Power, it was getting electricity back to thousands. For some bus passengers, it was having to camp out at the station overnight.

Greyhound officials say the delays started Wednesday afternoon and everything didn't get back to normal until Thursday afternoon. Winter weather wreaked havoc from transportation problems to power outages.

"I took two days off of work to go see my son in Atlanta, and I had to sleep on the bus last night," said Phillipe Henry.

He understands there are rough road conditions further south, but he wonders why the bus station in Baltimore allowed him to board Wednesday night if there was any doubt he wouldn't get there.

"Come all the way here to find out our buses are canceled," he said.

Henry and numerous others had to wait it out overnight.

"I personally stayed up all night because I was too afraid of people taking my stuff…If you looked around, there were people halted up in the corners, all over the floor, on the benches themselves and those aren't comfortable benches. They're made of metal," said Austin Grandee.

For that reason, Greyhound said it opened up buses with heating and reclining seats for stranded passengers to rest on.

Winter weather also showed it's bad side when some 2100 families in the Richmond metro woke up to no power .

"I got up and powered up. I'm working from home [so I] powered up again, [and the electricity] went down again," said Mary Long describing off and on outages.

She and her 82 year old mother went hours with electricity at their Henrico home. Dominion says the neighborhood at Dumbarton Rd. and Danley Lane was one of the hardest hit - due to equipment issues and crews battling the weather.

"I went back to bed where it's warm under the covers," Long said.

Eventually, the power situation was finally under control.

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