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Alleged man behind mystery booms reveals source of explosions


A series of mysterious booms in Chesterfield and surrounding areas may be tied to target practice.

Justin Watkins, 28, says he and others in their area shoot at exploding targets. Watkins says exploding targets are legal according to local ordinances.

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For months, residents have been theorizing where loud, sudden booms could be coming from in the Chesterfield, Tri-cities, and Dinwiddie area.

Watkins says he shot a 20 pound exploding target this past Saturday at around 4 p.m., prompting many in the area to wonder what caused the noise.

Watkins says the explosives can be heard 20 to 30 miles away, especially if the wind picks up. He also says that multiple neighbors in the area use exploding targets, which can be bought over-the-counter, at sporting goods stores.

Chesterfield Police are working to determine exactly what these booms are, previously saying they were caused by general target practice and skeet shooting.

Watkins says he plans to continue shooting target practice with exploding targets.

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