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Possible Michaels security breach


The nation faces another possible security breach, one that could impact thousands of shoppers across the country.

It's a company known for its arts and crafts, but now Michaels Stores say someone may have gotten craftsy with your credit or debit card information.

Michaels Stores says it is investigating a possible company data security breach that may have affected its customers' payment card information.

This, after reports of fraud on some customers' cards.

The company is now working with federal law enforcement and data security experts to see if they were really compromised.

It's news that has some local shoppers concerned about shopping at the store.

"Actually, it makes me a little more iffy to even go shopping at some stores now, because of the fact that we're hearing about this," says Terrence Nagle.

Neiman Marcus and Target both recently reported security problems that could have impacted millions of shoppers.

"Honestly, I'd probably be more reluctant at using my card at many stores- and paying cash instead," Nagle says.

Michaels' CEO says for now, customers should check their statements for unauthorized charges as this investigation proceeds.

For some, that's just standard practice and the reason why they're not worried now.

"It doesn't bother me that bad as long as you stay on top of your bank accounts online, you can monitor everything that goes on. Just stay on top of your stuff. Don't worry about it," says Brian Sugrue.

Shopper, Jennifer Phillips, "I'm not personally worried about it because I know that my bank has a lot of protection in place that if something was to happen, they would have my back, have me covered."

Of course, we will stay on top of this story- the company has yet to confirm if the systems were truly compromised.

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