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Community comes together after woman killed in house fire

The walls of a Derbycreek home are the only things left after a fire ripped through Saturday morning taking one persons life. Abby Ludgate lives across the street from the home.

She woke up to loud popping noises, smelled smoke, before seeing the flames and called 9-1-1.

"By the time I saw the fire about half of the house was engulfed with flames and it looked like it was coming from the side where the chimney is that's where majority of the flames were at by the time I saw," Ludgate said.

Authorities told us that three people lived in this house. Two of them were not home when the fire broke out. The family alerting officials to someone still inside. As crews battled this blaze, loved ones waited patiently hoping that their loved one would be pulled out of the home safely.

Firefighters were kept at bay for sometime because of high flames and a fire that they say had burned for some time before they arrived on the scene.

"With all the trees around and this cold weather, we could all be in the same predicament," Tonya Jones said.

Tonya Jones lives behind this home. She immediately rushed to help, trying to alert anyone who may be inside the burning home.

"I had the neighbor next door blow the horn so that they could try and wake them up just in case because the neighbor said the daughters side was the side that was engulfed," Jones said.

Unfortunately, just six hours after this all started investigators found a body underneath a pile of rubble after the roof collapsed.

With the answer to what caused this fire still days away family members are turning to each other and the community for comfort.

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