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CVWMA votes against expanding East End Landfill


There's a big victory tonight for people living near the East End landfill in Henrico. On Friday, the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority voted unanimously against expanding it.

That vote is a major influence in whether or not the permit will be approved. In the end, representatives from 13 localities said the expansion was not consistent with the needs of the region.

For the people who live off of Darbytown Road, they hope this is the beginning of the end to a battle that's gone on for years.

"It's the best thing for our homes as well as for everything in that area," says Emanuel Harris.  He's lived near the landfill since 1999.

Harris says his family has dealt with the smell (which is described as rotten eggs mixed with sulfur), the noise and the traffic for years. He hopes a decision made by the CVWMA will change everything.

Thirteen localities stretching from New Kent to Prince George make up the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority. They manage where your trash goes.

The issue at hand - approving an amendment that would allow the landfill to double in size and prolong its stint in eastern Henrico. The owners, TEEL, argued there would be little impact to the surrounding neighborhoods, and expansion would better meet the needs of the region.

Contractors who dump waste here say time is money and this is the most convenient site. They say if they have to go somewhere else, their prices will increase.

On the other side, county leaders argued this plan would only hurt the area.

Support has been building. The Henrico Board of Supervisors voted against it, and letters were also sent in from state delegates Delores McQuinn and Riley Ingram and state senator Donald McEachin.

After the arguments were made, the CVWMA sided with the eastern Henrico neighborhood.

"Well, I'm excited," says Varina Supervisor Tyrone Nelson. He lives about a mile from the landfill.

"It's a good day, it's a five to six year battle, and hopefully our community will appreciate the struggle."

Harris says he shares this hope with his neighbors: "I would just hope at some point they would just pack up shop and leave all together."

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will make the final decision on the expansion permit, but with a vote like this Friday's, county leaders say it's highly unlikely that permit will go through.

If the landfill doesn't have room to grow, it's not expected to be around much longer.

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