MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Checkout 51 app saves you money on groceries

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There are many ways to save on your grocery bills by matching coupons and sales. Now you can cut your bills even further using a new app and snapping a photo.

The app is called Checkout 51 and it gives you cash back for buying products you regularly buy. Here's how it works: you create your account using your email or Facebook; from there, you can browse the offers that are available that week and can set your location to find deals near you.

After you've bought the product, simply line up your receipt vertically so the name of the store and the total amount spent can be read clearly. Snap a picture of the receipt - you'll be prompted to select which offer you'd like to redeem, check that product and claim it.

When I signed up, Checkout 51 had more than a dozen different offers. I redeemed two of them: a dollar on a carton of eggs and two dollars cash back when I spent $20 or more. I uploaded the receipt picture, and my account was credited within an hour. When my account hits $20, they'll send me a check.

The bonus of using this app is you can stack your savings. Several of Checkout 51's offers have paper coupons that can be used at the point of purchase.

Knowing the cycle is important. Checkout 51's offers run from Thursday to Wednesday, and if you don't upload in that time frame, you're out of luck.

Checkout 51 is not limited by store. You can buy items anywhere, and you can have multiple accounts per household. Uploaded receipt pictures can be redeemed on the website, or download the free app on your smartphone.

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