NBC12 VIEWPOINT: We Have a New Governor

By: Kym Grinnage email

Last Saturday the inauguration was held for our new Governor, Terry McAuliffe.  As you know, Virginia is the only state in the country that does not allow a governor to serve consecutive terms in office. So in four years a new governor has a great deal to accomplish and in order for that to happen he must be one of the most skilled executives and politicians in the country. After all, he only has four years to get it right.

Governor McAuliffe has an ambitious agenda for the next four years. So what are the things we should look for from our new governor? I believe that the first 100 days will give you an indication of what the next four years will produce. The first 100 days will allow the citizens of Virginia to look at the following:

  • Who will the governor select for his cabinet?
  • Will his inner circle a team of rivals, a team of the very best or a team composed of "political appointees"?
  • What moves will the governor make to send the signal of bi-partisanship to the General Assembly?
  • What type of transparency will Virginians begin to see in his administration?
  • And it will be interesting to see how he deals with the media.

If you look at the early appointments that Governor McAuliffe has made he has surprised many of his skeptics with number of moderates that have joined his cabinet.  All governors have a clean slate to place their mark on the Commonwealth and to improve the lives of all Virginians. Regardless of where you stand politically, we should all be rooting for our new governor to succeed. The question is: how do YOU define success.

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