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McAuliffe sworn in as Virginia's 72nd governor


For the 72nd time- Virginia now has a new governor.

Terry McAuliffe took the oath of office Saturday in a rainy inauguration at the State Capitol.

There is no proof that weather on the day of an inauguration will be any kind of an indication of what kind of governor the person being sworn in will be, but even though conditions today were miserable- Governor Terry McAuliffe found a reason to be optimistic.

For most of the day, rain fell in droves at the State Capitol.

Leslie Jones of Arlington came prepared.

"I have on a dress, with long johns underneath, I have two sets of gloves, I have a trench coat, a hood and um this," she said, pointing to a make shift poncho.

Leslie wasn't alone. Everyone who came, including the former President of the United States Bill Clinton and his wife former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got wet.

A pallet of umbrellas painted the stands waiting to hear McAuliffe take his position as Virginia's next governor.

"Common ground doesn't move towards us," McAuliffe said.  "We move towards it.

But as awful as the weather was, there was a brief moment as the new governor spoke where the sun shined.

The symbolism was not lost on McAuliffe.

"The sun came out as I was starting to speak it was a great day," he said afterward.  "I think it was a great omen."

An omen that he will be able to accomplish many of the lofty goals he set on the campaign trail.

They were goals he mentioned specifically in his speech. Expand Medicaid, diversify the Virginia economy and push for improvements to the education system.

As he's promised for several months, McAuliffe vowed- this time as sitting governor- to work with republicans to make it happen.

"The test of my commitment to finding common ground in Virginia will not be a speech at an inauguration; it will be my actions in office," he said.  "And I expect those who did not support me in November to hold me to my word."

The stage is finally set; the promises are all in place. Now the work begins.  

And that work started as soon as McAuliffe left the stage.

He signed two executive orders. The first prohibits discrimination in state government based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The second limits him and his staff to gifts of only $100 hundred or less.

You can see those full executive orders- and more of the sights and sounds of Inauguration Day on

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