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Henrico Police Chief facing questions about Glen Allen lock down


Henrico police are facing tough questions about what went on inside Glen Allen High School Tuesday. Questions like: how did police even find out about the threat and why isn't the teen facing any charges?

Glen Allen was put on lock down just after noon Tuesday. Police initially were informed that the student may have a weapon and may be dangerous.

The neighborhood police swarmed Tuesday and took the teen into custody is now quiet.

Shadows moved in the house, but there was no answer at the door.

Earlier, Henrico police Chief Douglas Middleton agreed to answer questions as to where the investigation stands.

"Detectives are working on it diligently and as rapidly as they can," said Middleton.

Nbc12 has chosen not to release the teen's identity but we now have a better understanding of what triggered the lock down.

"Around 12:12 p.m. on January 7th, school administrators at Glen Allen High School and police were made aware of a male student who was distraught and possibly may have a weapon," said Middleton.

Police won't say how the threat was made -- or how authorities were tipped off.

"The student was distraught over a relationship he was having with another juvenile and there was fear that he was going to harm himself and or harm others."

The teen in question was never located on campus nor was a weapon but at around 1:45 p.m. police surrounded a home 3 miles away from school and took the teen into custody.

Middleton revealed that a crisis intervention team supervisor was on the phone with the teen for an extended period of time until police arrived.

"I know these are stressful situations for the school administration and our objective is to always try and resolve this rapidly," said Middleton.

Right now there are no charges filed against this teen. School officials will have to decide now whether or not he's welcome back to school.

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